AgriFarm is a new cooperative form of production and transport of agricultural products, which are cultivated solely in privately owned farms in Sterea Ellada (Central Greece) and in chosen agricultural areas through Greece.

The production of the products is based on the smart agricultural management, which follows the modern modes of cultivation without the extensive use of fertilizers and strong pesticides.

Along with the care of the Greek producer and the rich greek nature as a comrade, AgriFarm can create absolute safe products of high quality, with the scents and flavors that bring back memories.

AgriFarm's strong vision and mission is to produce and sell authentic Greek Mediterranean products, absolutely naturally grown, always respecting the nature’s gifts.

Greek nutrition

  • Greek nutrition

    Greek nutrition, which is now one of the most popular diets around the world, is based on the consumption of olive oil as the basic source of fat. Researches conducted in Mediterranean proved that the Mediterranean model of diet is responsible for the longevity of the inhabitants and the absence of diseases such as illnesses in the cardiovascular or digestive system.

  • Mediterranean Diet

    Mediterranean Diet is rich in dietary fiber and is based on the consumption of healthy plant foods for our organisms. Vegetables, pasta, rice, pulses and fruit are its basic ingredients, while foods of animal origin are consumed in small quantities.

Diet Pyramid


  • This year's international tasting competition, Great Taste Awards 2013, 2 of the Agrifarm’s products rewarded with the gold star. Chickpeas from family farms and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mytilene "Agrielia".

    This tasting event is one of the top worldwide and the number of the official tasters exceed 350.

    The Great Taste Awards record every year too many participations from Greece and abroad with a wide range of products with specific quality standards.

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    In this year's contest tasting Great Taste Awards 2013, 2 of our products Chickpeas from small family farms and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mytilene rewarded with gold star.


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